Best Minimalist Slim Wallets 2017

Having an ultra slim wallet isn’t just a fad. If you haven’t tried it, and you have back problems, you might want to consider giving it a shot. Most slim wallets will all you to carry 6 of your essential cards plus some emergency cash. Because of their basic, functional design, these wallets are relatively affordable and quite durable.

If you’re thinking “what about all of my rewards cards”? No fear, nowadays there’s phone apps like Stocard that allows you to add all of your loyalty cards to the app so you can use them at the cash register!

Now, slim wallets may not be for everyone. If you like carrying around $300 dollars in fives, you might want to stick with your George Costanza wallet.

1. Travelambo Slim Wallet

Made of genuine leather, this simple slim wallet is designed to hold six cards (although you can squeeze in a few more) and around 10 bills comfortably.  You only have to fold bills once for them to fit, which is nice.  This wallet is also equipped with RFID blocking technology to keep your cards safe.

You might think that the cards will fly out because they’re kept on the outside of the wallet.  However, they fit in snug and secure.

The only thing to keep in mind with this wallet is that to keep the price down, a lower quality of leather is used.  It’s labeled “Genuine Leather”, which is not the same as the more expensive full-grain or top-grain leather.  Still a great buy.


  • Inexpensive
  • Holds 6 cards (or more) and around 10-20 bills
  • RFID protection


  • Not the highest quality leather
2. HUSKK Slim Wallet

This slim wallet is made for people who still want to carry around 10-12 cards with them. It’s constructed from high grade elastic and has a retractable strap with a pull tab to get the most used cards out more easily. It can hold up to 10 cards (tightly) in the main sleeve and has 3 pockets to a few emergency bills, a key or a few more cards.

To store cash, you’ll have to fold the bills in thirds and keep in one of the pockets. If you use cash a lot, you might find this model a bit difficult to work with.


  • Holds a lot of cards
  • Durable


  • Difficult if you use a lot of cash
  • No RFID protection
3. SERMAN BRANDS Bifold Slim Wallet

If you like bifolding wallets, this might be for you. This slim folding wallet will hold 8-10 cards it has a quick access window for your ID in case you like to whip open your wallet and flash your ID like you’re an FBI agent. It’s made of high quality full-grain leather, which justifies the higher price point.

It has a convenient pull-strap to retrieve your cards more easily. The money clip is spring-loaded and will hold 10-20 bills. Keep in mind that keeping 20 bills in the wallet will make it “not so slim”.


  • Holds lots of cash that’s easy to access
  • Bifold (if you prefer bifold wallets)
  • Good quality leather
  • RFID protection


  • High price point
  • Not as slim as others
4. ROCO Aluminum Slim Wallet

If you’re looking for an affordable, stylish slim wallet, this might be for you. It’s made from durable aluminum with a silicone band that keeps the wallet together and acts like a money clip.

It comes with 2 different size bands that you can choose to use depending on how many cards you carry. The small band will hold around 4-5 cards. The large band will hold around 10.

It will hold around 5-10 folded up bills under the band but I wouldn’t say it’s very convenient.

Note that this is the improved version that has a wider band.


  • Great price point for such a stylish wallet
  • RFID protection


  • Not great for holding cash
5. Dapper Hide Slim Wallet

This minimalist wallet has an extra-thin profile. It’s rated to only hold 2-3 cards and around 8 bills. However, you should have no issues holding around 4-5 cards and 10 bills. It’s a very classy looking and durable wallet.

It’s tough to come up with anything bad to say about this wallet. A great buy if you are looking for a classy, no frills, functional and well made slim wallet.

  • Classy design
  • Well-made
  • Reasonably priced


  • No RFID protection
  • Doesn’t hold as much as other slim wallets (which makes it slimmer)